At Locavore, we are so much more than just a kitchen

Hear what our trailblazers have to say...

"My relationship with Locavore has truly been invaluable. Long before I even booked a kitchen, Carlo and Cortney helped me to narrow my scope, find a passion, and get on my feet. The community has given me so many contacts to experience and wisdom that has allowed my business to thrive in a short period of time. The kitchen access has been foundational to doing things well and the right way. Without Locavore I would have probably given up very early in the process. They definitely practice what they preach when it comes to supporting #FoodieTrailblazers!"


-Trey Smith

The Dusty Biscuit Beignet Bar

"Locavore is hands-down the best Foodie entrepreneur community and space in DFW! Cortney will bend over backwards to help you “make it happen” and is constantly immersing you into the foodie community through events and opportunities. I fell in love with the vibe and community she was building so much, I drive from Dallas to the Ft. Worth Locavore kitchen to produce our product. Totally worth it 😊If you are a foodie entrepreneur in DFW, this is your home!"


-Nicole Goette


"Locavore is more than just renting a commercial kitchen it's a community where you can find help and tips in how to scale your small business. They also give you opportunities to showcase your food products in different events and venues.



-Constanza Estefania Parra Torrejon

Sinless Donuts

 "Locavore has been an indispensable part of making my business take shape. Their kitchens allow me to craft my salsas and abide by regulatory standards. Cortney Gumbleton and Carlo Capua are a well spring of knowledge and resources. They 've even connected me to a few catering opportunities which has led to my business expanding its product base. Thank you!"


-Andrew Chadwick


 "What can I say? I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Cortney and Carlo at Locavore. I have seen growth in my business since I joined the 'family' in October. Their referrals have allowed me to expose and expand my brand to many in the Ft. Worth community and I am forever grateful. I could not ask for a better 'partner' on this journey to bigger and better. I've said it before and Io'll keep saying it - YOU GUYS ROCK!!"


-Rochelle Ragas

Sweet Shak 

 "This is a great place to start a food business for several reasons. The most obvious is the kitchens which are great, but they offer business advice, business connections, and clases that can really get you on the right track."


-Jesse Hernandez

Sierra Valley Food 

"Remember this name: Locavore.


If you are Looking for a rental kitchen in the Fort Worth area you need to look no further. Let me tell you why Locavore in my rental kitchen of choice.


One thing that everyone can appreciate is a clean kitchen. That's what you get when you work in a locavore kitchen. it's a great feeling to know Our rental kitchen will look exactly the same as it did the last time we used it, cleaned, well-stocked and ready to cook.

Locavore is not only a rental kitchen. Carlo and Cortney will also be your brand ambassador. Many new and reoccurring clients have come my way from a referral by Carlo and Cortney.


With Locavore you not only get a rental kitchen, you get owners that invest time and energy into your business to help you grow.
Thank you, Locavore, Carlo and Cortney for taking the worry out of a rental kitchen and making me feel at home every time I am there. My business depends on it."


-Michael Vespa

Sweetie's Cheesecakes 

 "Since joining Locavore in November of 2018, we have grown in multiple ways. Numbers being one. But more importantly we have become more integrated with our community. Cortney has an incredible heart to truly help foodie trailblazers, she has helped us every step of the way, and is never shy to refer her foodie trailblazers.


Thanks to Locavore we have meals available at Leaves Book and Tea Shop, which is just the best spot in town for your mind to take a break! Having a home base kitchen has made scaling up 10x easier, simply by just having everything in one place, and obtaining access to commercial equipment without it burning a hole in our new business pockets. This is our 3rd experience with a industrial shared kitchen, and we are happy to have found our home!"


-Amanda Morrow

Plant Set Meals


 "Although we’ve only been cooking at Locavore for a short time, it already feels like home for us! It provides the additional space and equipment that we need to serve our growing customer base. Spiral Diner and Bakery is thankful to have access to a fully equipped kitchen with ample work space and our bakers love the peace and quiet."


-Lindsey Akey

Spiral Diner & Bakery


"I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of the Locavore family! Cortney and Carlo are completely dedicated to this community and to helping small food businesses find their way. Many opportunities have come to me because of the great work that they do. They are always there when I need them to answer questions or to help make connections.


I love working in the Locavore's Morris Kitchen space. It has ample production area and top-notch equipment. I am always able to find a time slot to fit my very busy schedule. If you need a commercial kitchen space, and you want to make your foodie dreams come true, look no further. This is where you belong."


-Kerrie Thorne

Starry Ice Cream

"Locavore fills a HUGE need for smaller food manufacturers who, like me, can't afford their own kitchen. I've been cooking at the Morris for over 1.5 years, and Locavore takes TOADally great care of us! Thanks Carlo Capua and Cortney Gumbleton for all your hard work and making this available!"


-Cheri Morgan

Wildtoad Toffee


"Locavore isn’t just helpful to those who want to be food entrepreneurs they are passionate about being team members and leaders assisting those starting out. Quite a few kitchens I visited required extra fees that were expensive whether I planned to use their space each month or not. As a part time food entrepreneur Locavore allows me the freedom to choose when I want to come in and use what I need rather than expecting me to commit to paying for time I may not use."


-Mary Drummond

Mary's Marvelous Macarons


"As a local entrepreneur, operating strictly as a pop-up. I highly recommend joining the team at Locavore. Locavore is one of a kind, offering an array of opportunities and resources integral to your success. I personally love being able to have access and to book the Morris Kitchen anytime of the day, as an option (24 hour access available). The Morris kitchen is loaded not only with plenty of prep space, but a variety of equipment for your use. You can really get a lot done."


-Jennet Parker Castillo

Diosa Vegana Taqueria


"Since cooking at Locavore, our  business has exploded and continues to grow. Locavore gives us a place to prepare and cook excellent meals for our customers.  Locavore focuses on making sure food entrepreneurs have everything they need for success — facility, equipment, kitchen availability, and most of all mentorship.  


It’s because of the totality of Locavore that Mama Gina’s Catering, LLC  is becoming one of the preferred go-to caterers for comfort food in the DFW metroplex."


-Regina Smith

Mama Gina's Catering